Associated Organizations

As a further step towards a pan-European platform of cultural heritage objects and related biographies, several institutions beyond the InTaVia consortium have been associated with the project. 

We aim to further extend our community, if your organization is interested to join, please contact us for further information!

  • Europeana (EU) 
  • prometheus (DE) 
  • Time Machine Organisation (EU) 
  • Royal Library of the Netherlands (NL) 
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (UK) 
  • Finnish Literature Society (FI) 
  • Albertina Museum (AT) 
  • Edith Cowan University (AU) 
  • Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ) 
  • Deutsches Museum Munich (DE) 
  • Petofi Literary Museum (HU) 
  • Austrian Gallery Belvedere (AT) 
  • Huygens ING – KNAW (NL) 
  • Library of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SI) 
  • Miroslav Krleza Inst. for Lexicography (HR)  
  • NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide (NL)
  • German Literature Archive (DE) 
  • Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (CH) 
  • Museum of Musical Instruments, Leipzig (DE) 
  • Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities (BE)