Tuusula Lake Story

Type of Story: Prosopographic set (combining multiple actors from the InTaVia Knowledge Graph (IKG)) with related objects

Story Expert: Lilli Peura (AALTO)

Story Editors: Lilli Peura, Jakob Kusnick

Target Group: General public with an interest in art / cultural history

Short Description: The story focuses on a group of influential Finnish artists who settled to live around the Lake Tuusula in the early 20th century.

Content Types and Visualizations:

  • Text: Introduction to the subject, short artist biographies and description of the artist residences
  • Image: Visual representations of the artists’ works and illustrative images
  • Visualizations: Timelines illustrating the life events of each artist and two map visualizations:  one showing the “internationality” of the community’s members and another depicting the residences around the Lake Tuusula. The story also showcases a network view of important actors of the Finnish art scene.

Special Story Features:

How is the data generated? The biographical information of the artists has been gathered from the IKG. New cultural objects for the houses have been created and merged with the data from the IKG. The story has been enriched with media elements (such as pictures of artworks or a video).

Is there anything special in the story (branch, AR, hook …)? The story is a prosopographic set, aggregating individual person biographies into a collective narrative. The story features a network visualization to depict how close-knit the artistic collective around the lake was, leading to influences and paintings of each other.