Albrecht Dürer’s Biography

Type of Story: Single person biography with related objects

Story Expert: Anja Grebe (DUK)

Story Editors: Anja Grebe, Eva Mayr, Johannes Liem, Jakob Kusnick

Target Group: General public with an interest in art history

Short Description:

The story tells the life of the artist Albrecht Dürer. In this story, we delve into important artworks and turning points in the life of this exceptional artist.

Content Types and Visualizations:

  • Text: Engaging narratives portray Albrecht Dürer’s life, offering historical context and personal insights.
  • Image: Visual representations of Dürer’s artwork and the historical settings in which he lived and worked.
  • Quiz: An interactive quiz tests your knowledge of pivotal moments in Dürer’s art.
  • HTML Integration: Integrated HTML elements that enhance the narrative with additional resources (manuscripts) and information (nested substory).
  • Visualizations: Timeline and map visualizations enable viewers to trace significant events and milestones in Albrecht Dürer’s life, revealing travel patterns and pathways.

Special Story Features:

How is the data generated? The data has been manually generated by Anja Grebe and is based on her prior research (Grebe, 2013; Grebe & Großmann, 2021). The biographical data has been enriched with linked media on Dürer’s artworks and uncertainty information (Windhager, Mayr, Liem, Kusnick, Jänicke & Grebe, 2023).

Is there anything special in the story (branch, AR, hook …)? The story holds the possibility of branching away from the main narrative. It gives an overview on Dürer’s life with the option to dive more deeply into his journey towards the Netherlands.

Nearly every slide connects events in Dürer’s life to his artworks and thereby shows in an excellent fashion how life, business and artistic work are interrelated.