D5.3 – Prototype and development progress report on VA studio (v.2)

This deliverable (D5.3) aims at documenting the operational prototypes for all individual VA Studio and related front-end components (operational system – system fully integrated, all main functionalities implemented and ready for testing by WP7) and reflects on intended developments and refinements of their design based on the evaluation results of WP7 (D7.1). The main achievement is a fully established workflow that allows to access cultural information from the InTaVia Knowledge Graph (IKG) via the different front-end components, to work with the retrieved information (query, curation, visualisation) and to produce and export visualisation-based stories for communication.

Thus, this document first reflects on the development goals and methods of the last period, before delving into the developments of all tasks of WP5 (Visual Analytics Studio) and providing insights into related developments of WP6 (Visual Storytelling Suite) and WP3 (Data Curation Lab). Finally, an outlook is given on the final development and evaluation phases of the project roadmap.

This deliverable is currently classified as confidential and is not available for download.

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