D 5.2 – Prototype and Development Progress Report on VA Studio (v.1)

Coinciding with the achievement of the project’s Milestone 3 (“Basic Operational System”), this document presents the results of the development of InTaVia’s Visual Analytics Studio and related front-end components. It provides the state of InTaVia’s operational prototypes, including technologies for visual querying and text mining support, reflecting the advanced design phase and diving into the developments of all WP5 (Visual Analytics Studio) tasks. It also provides insights into key developments in WP6 (Visual Story telling Suite) and WP3 (Data Integration & Curation) in relation to the essential bridging module of the Data Curation Lab. In addition, the status of the cross-cutting themes and the technology context are elaborated and the project roadmap (with the evaluation phases) is visually presented.

This deliverable is currently classified as confidential and is not available for download.

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