D3.7 – LOD data evaluation results (v.1)

This document is a preliminary evaluation (v.1) of the InTaVia knowledge graph modelled according to the InTaVia data model. The dataset contains data from the four project partners’ prosopographical databases (PDBs), as well as information on related cultural heritage objects (CHOs) from Wikidata. The evaluation primarily provides descriptive statistics of the different types of entities, classes and properties in the consolidated dataset and compares them with the corresponding information in the source datasets. The results of the evaluation are critically reflected in relation to the project’s goals and intended outcomes. Problematic aspects include data quality issues, the low number of relationships within the IKG, the degree of overlap between the datasets and the number of entities. The process of consolidation and aggregation and its challenges are also described. An outlook section describes the next steps for IKG consolidation and future enrichment processes.

This deliverable is currently classified as confidential and is not available for download.

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