D3.6 – Plugins for automated interaction with knowledge base (v.1)

This document discusses the challenges of incorporating 4 different national biographies and the Europeana into the InTaVia knowledge graph (KG). Even before the creation of the harmonized graphs and the enrichment we expect to have well beyond 250.000 entities in the KG; with the enrichment and the creation of potentially multiple harmonized named graphs this complexity will increase further. Even with conservative estimates we will end up using triples in the tens of millions. While it may be possible for individual users to manually curate any subset of data they are working on, this is not feasible for the whole KG. In addition to the complexity of the KG itself, there is also the complexity of collaboration: apart from local experts of the national biographies, there are several technical experts working on the KG at the same time. D3.6 aims to provide an architecture for easy and efficient interaction with the KG..

This deliverable is currently classified as confidential and is not available for download.

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