D2.4 – Plug-in model: Design and implementation of the plug-in architecture

This document is the result of Task 2.4 concerning the development of a plug-in model for reusing the InTaVia data service in other applications. In short, the plug-in model is realised in the form of a reconciliation service API that helps users to reconcile data entities on the web. We provide a reconciliation service in the API in combination with our standard Fast APIs for Knowledge Graph information retrieval. This document describes a pointer to the functional API and the source code. It also describes the design and implementation details. A limited evaluation suggests satisfactory functionality and usability, as well as some room for improvement. The InTaVia Reconciliation Service API enables fast, user-friendly human and machine access to the entities of the InTaVia Knowledge Graph. This API allows external users to efficiently search the InTaVia data resources and create links to them in their own datasets in the context of entity linking and co-reference resolution, thereby impacting the wider research community.

This deliverable is currently classified as confidential and is not available for download.

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