Save the Date: Smashing the Silos! The Future of Cultural Heritage Information & Visualization 

On the 9th of July, we would like to welcome you to the Kunsthaus Graz for a one-day symposium (co-located with DH2023).

Since 2020, InTaVia works at the transnational connection and harmonization of cultural heritage data collections (both on tangible and intangible aspects of CH information) and on making these complex collections accessible and visible for a wide range of audiences. Starting from a reflection on the project’s main questions and results, this one-day symposium aims to expand, deepen and contextualize the impulse of this European initiative with cutting-edge inputs from digital humanists, visualization scholars, and GLAM practitioners. The symposium aims to strengthen the collaboration between actors from the cultural heritage, digital humanities, and visualization fields.

Details will follow soon!