D2.3 – Final prototype implementation of the InTaVIa Data Service

This document acts as a supplement for the deliverable D2.3 “Final Prototype Implementation of the InTaVia Data Service” and provides documentation of the prototype. Development from the first prototype to the final one has gone without major changes to the architecture which can be seen by comparing Figure 1and Figure 2 that represent the architecture and state of implementation in the first and final prototype versions respectively. However, there here have been some significant changes to the implementation choices of some of the components. The final prototype includes implementation for most of the logical components described in the original architectural plan included in the D2.1 “Architecture Design of the InTaVia Platform and Implementation Plan”. The missing components are shown in Figure 2 (grey colour). The only main component still unimplemented is the document store, which was designed as a centralized place for InTaVia users to share the content they are creating with InTaVia applications. This component becomes relevant when the InTaVia applications are mature enough to export sharable content which has not yet been the case. The other smaller missing piece is the analysis type of workflows. Although the project group has run several analyses against the InTaVia dataset, there has not yet been a case where such functionality has been converted into a workflow.

This deliverable is currently classified as confidential and is not available for download.

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